Your customized cycling vacations. In Tuscany.

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Would you like to come cycling in Tuscany for your next vacations? Rely on those who have always ridden in Tuscany 365 days a year. A service for cyclists made by cyclists.

We cycle all over Tuscany all year round. In our team, there are those who ride racing bikes, those who use gravel bikes and those who use MTBs. We put our wheels on any paved road, dirt road or single track road. We are constantly updated about everything that happens in the area to guarantee you a dream vacation. We know what’s beautiful and what you’ll like, where to eat great food and where to relax at the end of the ride.

Choose your vacation: gravel, road or MTB?

Tuscany is a rich and varied land that allows you to explore the area riding the bike you want. Beautiful white roads to be discovered on your gravel bike and enjoy the sound of pebbles under the wheels, the scent of farmed fields, the famous Siena hills and its food and wine delicacies. Roads with little traffic and breathtaking views, gentle climbs and relaxed descents, will take you on your road bike to discover cities and towns rich in history. For those who want to use their mountain bike, there are several areas full of well-maintained trails designed for MTB, mechanized climbs and good beers at the end of the ride.

Why stressing yourself out and risking not riding on the right path for you when you can rely on us?
Tuscany Trail Travel, a service for cyclists made by cyclists.

In Tuscany, you can ride all year round thanks to a mild climate and the variety of the area. With the summer heat we will prepare a tailor-made vacation by the sea or in the mountains if you like milder temperatures. In winter, the hills are the ideal area to enjoy excellent conditions for cycling. We know our region and we can advise you on what to do and, above all, when to do it. Avoid wasting endless hours on the web looking for the right solution, we will take care of everything for you.

We offer you everything you need to live an unforgettable experience:

  • A personalized route made to measure for you
  • A personalized map with altimetry and highlights
  • An accurate description of the route
  • Practical tools to avoid getting lost
  • Information on the best places where to eat and sleep
  • Places not to be missed

…and much more. We’ll get you ready to ride at your best and enjoy every single kilometer.

Tell us what you like and we'll make it happen for you.

Why buying an expensive standard travel package when you can have your perfect vacation? Every cyclist has different needs in terms of route and comfort. All you have to do is tell us what you wish for your dream cycling vacation in Tuscany and we will create the best possible experience for you. A vacation you will remember for the rest of your life.

The best restaurants where to stop after or during a bike ride.

Would you like to eat real Tuscan food? Florentine steak, spaghetti with sauce, typical desserts and good wine? We will suggest you the best places. We will not use guides but we will rely on the restaurants where we go to eat after or during a ride. No tourist places but places where we Tuscans sit down to eat well. Of course, everything will be accompanied by our world-famous wines.

Tuscany is full of hidden corners, reach them with your bike.

We are sure that when you think of Tuscany, you immediately think of Piazza del Duomo in Florence or Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. Be sure that we know how to get you to these places with your bike avoiding all the traffic. However, we want you to know that Tuscany is full of hidden corners to be discovered by bike, including lesser known but equally beautiful places. Our routes are not made in an approximate way; on the contrary, they are studied in detail according to your needs but also to the seasons and the various attractions in the area. Would you like to ride in the middle of the Windows green hills background? We know where to send you!

Choose your vacation: sea, mountain or hill?

We have made happy more than 3000 cyclists from 40 countries in the world. Come and discover the most beautiful region in the world on your bike.

Relive history from the saddle of your bike.

Relying on us, you will ride through millenary old towns with a unique charm. You will cross ancient boundary walls that will be the gateway to tower houses, alleys and churches full of rarities like open-air museums. You’ll be spoiled for choice and, for this reason, we will be at your side to help you choose the vacation that best suits you.

Immerse yourself in pristine nature.

One of the aspects of Tuscany that most enchants our customers is the pristine nature. An extremely changing nature that goes from the majestic Apuan Alps to the sea with its clear waters passing through the green postcard hills. There is certainly no boredom while cycling in this region. Each cyclist will be able to satisfy his specific needs both in terms of mileage and elevation gain. There will be those who will choose the asphalt while others will want to ride the famous white roads, but everyone will be enraptured by the beauty that surrounds everything.

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Why choose us instead of a tour operator?

Because we are experts in this field. We don’t have to sell you anything other than the best cycling vacation made for you. We don’t have ready-made packages, we don’t take percentages from hotels and restaurants. We are 100% transparent. This allows us to be totally honest and give you what you really want with no other ends.