The bikepacking bags for cycling the Tuscany Trail

What are the essential bags to tackle the Tuscany Trail and how to load them? Let's see it together.

We can say that the distinctive sign of the Tuscany Trail is the fact of traveling with bikepacking bags, since they are the best way to load the necessary on the bike and tackle dirt roads. Let’s say that according to our needs, the days needed to complete the journey and the choices we make regarding accommodation and nutrition, we need more or less volume of cargo. Basically, however, we can say that the essential bags are at least:

  • handlebar bag
  • frame bag
  • saddle bag
  • top tube bag or Bud

Each bag is dedicated to different objects, mainly based on accessibility. In fact, if we put up the tent once a day, maybe the anorak can be used several times in the space of a day (especially in spring when the Tuscany Trail takes place).

So let’s go see these essential bags in detail and how to load them.

Handlebar bag

It mounts easily to the handlebar with a couple of straps, usually loaded with light things, so as not to bother the guide, and with objects that are rarely used as a tent and mattress. This bag can also be easily mounted on an extension in order to leave more space on the handlebar, for GPS, lights or hands in high grip on a drop handlebar. Comfortable are the waterproof bags with opening on both sides like the Tendril 4.10 by Miss Grape, waterproof and quick to assemble.

Frame bag

It is the bag par excellence to have always mounted on the bike. The fact that it is central and anchored to the frame does not make you perceive its weight and does not hinder driving in any way. There are various sizes and customized for each model of bike. It is loaded with heavy and / or frequently needed objects, thanks to the handy zipper it is in fact convenient to use even while pedaling to take for example a windbreaker. Usually you also bring tools and spare parts, to always have when you go out on the bike, such as: inner tubes, multitool, tire changer, pump. Here there is also a powerbank and additional batteries for lights or gps. Miss Grape’s new Internode Waterproof is highly recommended, which allows you to keep everything safe from water!

Saddle bag

The saddle bag is usually the largest and is therefore suitable for carrying the sleeping bag and / or spare clothes. It attaches to the saddle rails and the saddle tube in a simple and firm way so as to cancel the sway. To minimize this inconvenience that can happen, we advise you to tighten the straps well and possibly put a piece of old inner tube between the straps and the saddle rails. Having only one access, the order in which it is loaded is important, in fact the objects we know we will use less will be placed towards the saddle and those we will need most towards the opening. This is also comfortable if waterproof like Miss Grape’s Cluster Waterproof, especially if it contains the sleeping bag!

Tope tube bag or Bud

These are the smallest and easiest to access bags. They are suitable for carrying snacks, camera, mobile phone or batteries while charging GPS and lights. Their weight is non-existent and they never hinder the guide so they are comfortable to always keep on the bike. If your bike has the predisposition for the two-hole attachment on the top tube we recommend the Node 2H so as not to have other laces on the frame and to limit the movement of the bag. The Buds can be mounted on either side of the stem and are also convenient for carrying an extra bottle. For the sweet tooth they are perfect to fill with gummy bears to chew on the go!

Miss Grape

A few words about Miss Grape are a must, in fact we are proud that this year too she is at our side as a sponsor of Tuscany Trail because from the first day we use their products with extreme satisfaction.

“Miss Grape was born in 2014, but it was already in the air in 2005 when our friend Marco Costa introduced us to bikepacking. In those years he was engaged in long bike trips around the world, he needed to organize the few luggage, he was a forerunner of bikepacking. Thanks to him we understood how important it was to have resistant bikepacking bags and how difficult it was to find them on the market. So, we made them, according to our rules. We wanted them to be indestructible, handmade, at the right cost: we studied the best materials, we looked for experienced Italian artisans, we connected people to our product with the web. “

We cannot better define their bags than with: attention to detail, simple and resistant. The plus is obviously Made in Italy!