The route of the Tuscany Trail 2022 changes again to become even better than in previous years. The starting point will be the beautiful seaside village of Castagneto Carducci.

Located about 80 km south of Pisa, this medieval village takes its name from the poet Giosuè Carducci, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1906. His poem “Davanti San Guido”, which speaks of the sublime Viale dei Cipressi on which we will ride, is known by all Italians.

Castagneto Carducci offers 14 km of unspoiled sandy beach, shady pine trees, cypress avenues, olive groves and Bolgheri vineyards from which some of the world-famous wines are produced, such as Sassicaia and Ornellaia.

Speaking about logistics, the Tuscany Trail reception center will be perfectly positioned 200 m from the Aurelia exit and 200 m from the train station. In addition, a large parking lot will be available.

The itinerary will start from the beach. We will cross Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Donoratico, Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri before heading north to discover other beautiful surprises.


The arrival will be in Orbetello, located on a thin strip of land in the center of the lagoon that connects it to the Argentario promontory.

In its historic center, it is possible to see the remains of the city walls as evidence of the Spanish garrison that occupied the city for almost 150 years in 1600.

The lagoon is perhaps the element that most characterizes Orbetello. Bordered between the Tombolo della Feniglia and Giannella, it offers unique scenarios at sunrise and sunset. There could not have been a better scenario to complete the 460 km route.

Orbetello is located 3 km from the Aurelia and 2 km from the train station. There is also a big parking lot. 


We have reviewed the whole trail, also this year, like we do every edition because we want it to be perfect. We want you to enjoy the best sceneries on the best roads for all the 460 km of the itinerary.

66% of the trail will be on dirt roads. We worked hard to identify and track all the best easy to ride dirt roads of Tuscany creating a route well balanced with low-traffic paved backroads.

The total elevation gain is 6900 meters. Although it is always very challenging, it is well spread along the 460 km of the route (on average 1500 meters of elevation gain every 100 km).

What you can see is the provisional route will not be much dissimilar from the final one, which will be delivered to each participant only a few weeks before departure. This practice allows us to have time to refine the route even more and make detours in case of the conditions on the field change from here to the start.



460 Km


807 Mt


6900 Mt


99,9 %




We have created an event that puts your safety first.

In the last months we worked hard to deliver a fun and enjoyable route but at the same time make it safe for the cyclists.

From the moment you give the first pedal stroke, it will be on you to be extremely careful during Tuscany Trail.

Tuscany Trail is not a race, so you will not have to take unnecessary risks. You don’t have to pedal if too tired. You don’t have to be completely alone. Help each other in case of difficulty. Always keep your helmet well fastened. Make yourself visible if you pedal at night (which we strongly discourage). Please use common sense.

The future of the Tuscany Trail is in your hands and it will be possible to continue organizing this event only if each participant puts their personal safety first. 

Keep it in mind.