Decalogue of the Tuscany Trail

With this Decalogue we want to strongly emphasize the true spirit of this event.
We want to do it because in these years we have seen some “spoiling” that have brought the world of bikepacking away from what it was originally. Having in mind the origin and the spirit of this event, we have written the Decalogue of the Tuscany Trail.

1 – Use the bike that makes you feel happier

Don’t wonder which bike is best suited to the route of the next Tuscany Trail; rather, wonder which bike makes you happier while cycling. Remember that you don’t have to arrive “sooner” but you have to arrive “better”.

The debate on the most suitable bicycle to tackle the Tuscany Trail has always been heated. The route is designed to be cycled by a MTB but, many people have used the gravel bike, as well as fatbikes, full bikes, single speed, tandem and running bike over the years. The truth is that the track is varied and there is no real answer to this question.

2 – Cycle with people you don’t know and make new friends

Come to the start with your friends, but only agree with them on how to get home once you have reached the finishing line. Spend the rest of the journey with people having the same pace as yours. Share with them part of the “effort”, share a room at a holiday farm and maybe a nice dinner. A new friend will be one of the most beautiful gifts you can take home.

Get ready to make new friends and maybe brush up your English. You’ll probably won’t see your friends again until you get to the finishing line and you’ll be riding with cyclists from all over the world. It will be a very enriching experience.

3 – Cycle at sunset

Do you know when the sun starts to move towards the horizon and the sky starts to turn red? That’s one of the best times of the day. Try to enjoy it while you give the last pedal strokes.

Try to be prepared to enjoy the sunset and the first hours of twilight. Equipped with a reflective jacket and quality front and rear lights. Always be seen by the cars.

4 – Start cycling just before sunrise

Outside, it’ll still be dark and most people will still sleep. However, try to be on your bike with your light on to light up the road. It will be a little cold but don’t worry, as soon as you see the first rays of the sun, every sacrifice will be repaid.

Get ready the day before, as every venue is closed for breakfast at dawn. Put something to eat in your bags and take advantage of the first coffee bar you’ll find along the way to enjoy a pasta or a cappuccino.

5  – Sleep a night outdoors

No matter if you have a tent, just a sleeping bag and a mattress are fine. Find a place a bit away from the town, maybe organized with some other participant and enjoy a night out in the open air under the starry sky. It will be the best hotel you can find along the way.

Tuscany Trail is synonymous with adventure and sleeping outdoors is its ultimate expression. If you don’t feel comfortable alone, join someone else, you’ll surely have a chance.

6 – Eat Tuscan food

Forget about the energy bars. Tuscany is not only famous for its white streets but also and above all for its cuisine. From sandwiches with a slice of Tuscan bread or schiacciata (white flatbread pizza), to Florentine steak and desserts. I recommend you to take a look at the wines. Enjoy Tuscany at 360°.
Remember that you are in a region that is popular worldwide for the variety and quality of its food and drinks. Don’t worry about the calories, you’ll burn everything when cycling. Try to taste as many dishes as possible.

7 – Avoid cycling late at night

Don’t cycle at night, it’s dangerous and you won’t be able to see the landscape. It’s better to sleep at night in order to have more energy the next day. Then, after a Tuscan dinner, would you really like to start cycling again?

There is no ban on cycling during the night, but why should you do it? You don’t win anything if you arrive first or before someone else. Use the night hours to rest, make friends, drink a beer or maybe do the washing …

8 – Don’t impose time limits on yourself

Many people set themselves time limits. Of course, most of you have a family and a job, but it’s also true that if you get to the end of the Tuscany Trail the next day, nobody dies. Remember that the sooner you get to the end, the sooner it’s all over… Try to enjoy it!

Leave the alarm clock anxiety behind. The Tuscany Trail takes place once a year and anyone can afford to stay a few days away from home. Agree with family and work, of course, but calculate a bit extra in the schedule.

9 – Cycle in the rain

Rain is company, trust me. Don’t be frightened by two drops of water as fortunately we are not spineless persons. You will see the landscape change, the colors will become darker and deeper and you can finally renew your rain suit. At the end, you’ll see that the sun will come out again. Face the weather with awareness.

The weather is unlikely to be harsh, but don’t let it catch you off-guard. Cycling in the rain could become annoying without proper clothing. However, if it’s pouring, you can always enjoy the view from under a canopy.

10 – Have fun

Those who come to Tuscany Trail do so not only to test themselves but, above all, to live an experience. Make this experience fun and rewarding. Try to savour and live the true spirit of the Tuscany Trail in the right way. Your mind will be free from the daily routine and the only soundtrack you will hear will be the sound of your freewheel!

The Tuscany Trail is much more than a bikepacking event, it’s much more than a long bycicle ride; the Tuscany Trail is an experience that will leave its mark on you. Make it as positive as possible.