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All participants are REQUIRED to submit a valid “Health Certificate for cardiovascular intensive sport activity (cycling races/events)”. The medical certificate must be sent by email to
The medical certificate must expire after 30 June 2022 and must be uploaded during registration; alternatively it can be sent later by email to: by 15 April 2022.
If the medical certificate is not compliant, it will be rejected and canceled and the member will have to forward a new compliant one.

This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions by participants. Let’s say right away that the track is designed to be covered by a MTB. The route is extremely varied consisting of dirt roads, asphalt secondary roads and paths. Over the years, participants in the Tuscany Trail have used all types of bike, starting from cyclocross (and gravel bikes of course) and finishing with endure bikes. The truth is that there is no single answer to this question. If you use a gravel bike, you will go very fast on the sections of dirt roads and asphalt but you will find yourself a bit in trouble along the paths and cart roads while if you use a MTB you will face all dirt roads with great ease but you will be disadvantaged on asphalt.

The Tuscany Trail is defined as a “no-stop” event in the sense that there are no fixed stops but each participant can freely decide where to stop, to eat and to sleep along the way. Our advice is to study the route before leaving in order to get an idea of the possible stops that you will make.

We have no agreements along the way. The best way to find a place at the best price is to take advantage of the technology and, in particular, use and Google Maps. The offers that you will find on these two websites are the best in absolute and we would not be able to get these offers even with a possible agreement.
Google Maps allows you to understand where an accommodation facility is and how many kilometers separate you from it while allows you to book online.

The Tuscany Trail organization does not offer this type of service to participants.

On arrival, you will find a sheet you have to sign certifying your completion of the Tuscany Trail. Don’t expect a pasta party because you won’t find it. 

The end of the Tuscany Trail is 3 km away from the Orbetello Scalo railway station. You can take the regional trains going there by bike to return to Castagneto carducci or anywhere else. This is the most practical and cheapest way you can use.

There is no possibility to register in the Tuscany Trail beyond the official registration date.

As per our regulations that you must read before registering, there is no refund/ partial refund/transfer of registration to the following year.

Cancellation – If, for reasons of force majeure that do not depend on the organization but on environmental and / or health reasons at national or international level, the event could not take place, the amount paid at the time of registration will not be refunded but will be considered valid for the next edition. The organization will be entitled, for those who re-register free of charge to the next edition, to a contribution for secretarial expenses and the renewal of the sports card.

Shifting of the event – Furthermore, for reasons of force majeure or other serious reasons, which could jeopardize the preparation of the event or the participation in it by a number of people not less than half of the members, the Organization reserves the right to move the place and / or date of the event within the same calendar year. In this case, the registration fee paid will be valid for the event on the rescheduled date, without any additional costs for the members. In this case, it is not possible to move the registration to the following year’s edition.

E-bikes are allowed on the Tuscany Trail