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“Swallowed up. Pervaded. Enriched. I did not cross Tuscany; Tuscany crossed me. The smells, the silences, its eyes and the people I met. A privilege enlivened by the movement of my legs cycling for six endless days. This was my Tuscany Trail! An adventure that like few others has been able to dig into the roots of the off-road bicycle to propose something that has a genuine taste: a man, his bicycle and a long journey before him. No rules. No prize. Because the real wealth is to have cycled from the first to the last kilometer.” ORME.TV

“…you feel like you are almost alone in nature, and when you reach a place, you are before history and art. Someone said that when you make these trips, you are in a space/time bubble. Well, that’s what I felt at the Tuscany Trail” Andrea Pizza

“… what counts now is being here and having won the most important challenge, the one I have been trying to win since the first day I mounted a bicycle: the challenge to myself.” Maurizio Deflorian


620 KM


1213 mt


12900 mt


90 %


50 %


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Canale Mauro
Santese Paolo
Andriano Daniele
Negretto Fabio
Pasqualin Manlio
Mantegazza Stefano
Valsesia Dario
Damioli Norberto
Morvillo Enrico
Clapier Danilo
Deflorian Maurizio
Bassi Nicola
Cussigh Cussigh
Vistarini Ausilia
Comunello Enrico
Odino Samanta
Roveri Giovanni
Rigo Matteo
Tatini Gabriele
David Ferri
Migliori Daniele
Riccardo Domenichi
Pozzoni Mauro
Bertok Elisabetta
Granato Salvatore
Iovino Gaetano
Malinconico Alfonso
Pizza Andrea
Lazzerini Marco
D’ Aniello Valerio
Bertoldi Daniele
Filippi Marco
Andrea Morreale Puglisi
Bertoni Gianluca
Persegani Claudio
Bertelli Paolo
Belli Paolo
Compri Andrea
Cecere Sauro
Pierini Niccolò
de Laurentiis Andrea
D’Agostino Igor