Tuscany trail experience
01 JUNE 2019

Making the Tuscany Trail an even more special and unique event is the mission we give ourselves every year and we are carrying out. How can we make the world’s first bikepacking event even better? Just cycling. Our secret lies in the pleasure of cycling in a unique land that seems to have been shaped to be cyclist-friendly.

The Tuscany Trail 2019 will be more than just an experience and, for many of you, it will be the experience that will change the way of approaching the bike forever. The crossing of Tuscany will be an indelible and unique memory that you will bring in for a long time.

The Tuscany Trail has never been a race and, in 2019, we will dispel any remaining doubts. Those who will be present at the start on June 1 will not do so to participate in a bikepacking event but to live the experience of the Tuscany Trail.

the route map – provisional


Distance: 530 km   Totale ascent: 9000 m D+

The Tuscany Trail 2019 track will be based on the 2018 track. However, the track will be finished and even further improved comparedthe 2018 track. Less and less asphalt and less and less useless kilometers. We don’t like quantity; rather, we want quality from the first to the last kilometer.