Looking for your starting number?

Please check your email for “official communication” sent by [email protected]. The number is in the last email sent to you.

Check out the printed list hanging if you can’t find the email. The list is in alphabetical order.

What do you need to take your package?

Your ID card and your number.

When can you start the Tuscany Trail 2024?

Depending on your starting date:
24 May from 5:45
25 May from 5:45

Where’s all the info about camping sites and so on?

Check out the digital guide here.

Share your adventure!

Tag the official Tuscany Trail Instagram page in your stories.

What’s next?

Tuscany Trail is a member of the first European no-race bikepacking and gravel event series. Check out bikeadventureseries.com for your next bike adventure, and use your Tuscany Trail discount.